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Beemedia Portfolio
Beemedia Portfolio

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BeeMedia has over 15 years of experience in audio production, like radio and Tv commercials, dubbing movies and game localization. We are very proud to have collaborations with the biggest companies in Italy and in the world.

From our studios in Milan, BeeMedia have taken care of audio production and advertising campaigns of international reputation, among which: Absolut, Alfa Romeo, Auchan, Autogrill, BMW, Bosch, Burger King, Chanel, Ducati, Duracell, Eni, Fiat, Footlocker, GDF Suez, Gillette, GTradial, Hyundai, Jack Daniel’s, Levi’s, Lufthansa, McDonald’s Motorola, Nintendo, Pampero, Philips, Pirelli, Seat, Skoda, Telecom, Trenitalia, Vodafone, Yves Saint Laurent, Zalando and many others.


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Beemedia Portfolio

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