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Beemedia Italian Localization
Beemedia Italian Localization

Beemedia Dubbing Localization

BeeMedia audio production company has taken care of video games localization, translation, adaptation and dubbing services for more than 5 years.

Our studios are located in Italy, in the heart of Milan, and we are able to localize in Italian and in the main global languages, thanks to our worldwide partnerships.

We have been localizing in italian many video game titles published by Gameforge and Microsoft Studios.

The BeeMedia Team Italy

Our audio production company has a team made up only of professionals: translators, adaptors, project managers, sound engineers and voice talents that always work with passion and professionalism.

The Localization steps

The first contact takes place with the Project Manager, that guides the entire localization process in order to answer your requests in the best way;

The second step is to choose together the most suitable voice for your characters: you will find hundreds of available voices in our national and international database;

Our artistic direction will then take care of guiding the talents during the recordings in our studios in Milan, advising on interpretation.

In the end, the Sound Engineer will take care of the audio post production, delivering the product completed, ready to be launched on any market.

At BeeMedia we offer our dubbing, localization and translation services at affordable prices and we are always available to discuss about quotations.

Don’t you believe it? Then challenge us and contact us!

Beemedia, Italian studios in via Appiani 12, Milan, Italy