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BeeMedia, audio production company located in Milan, Italy, has been taking care of localization, dubbing, commercials, voice over for more than 15 years.

Our goal is to reach the very best way to communicate your message through any media, with an excellent audio quality.


Our main services are:

  • Dubbing Movies;
  • Video games, Role-playing games, Websites Localization;
  • Radio Commercials;
  • TV Spot and Documentary Voicing ;
  • Voice overs in all the main languages;
  • Recording studio with ISDN, Source Connect, ipDTL, SessionLinkPRO, RooNect, etc
  • Text Elaboration, Translation and Supervision.


Beemedia Tony Severo

Our Creative Director Tony Severo – dubber, radio talent and founder of BeeMedia –  is a communication consultant for the main national networks and for over 30 years has been creating successful advertising campaigns.

BeeMedia, audio production to communicate at all levels:
Who are our services for?

  • For companies, studios and agencies, we take care of radio commercials and advertising campaigns, characterized by professional and impressive voices and music;
  • For national and international clients, we give them the opportunity to open to new markets, giving the voice to their own audio-visual products;
  • For video game localizers, publishers and developers, we offer the video game translation, adaptation and dubbing in Italian or in the main European languages.

Beemedia, Audio Production Studio


BeeMedia s.r.l.,

via Appiani 12, 20121 Milan,  Italy

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